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FOR : B2B Technology CEOs, CTOs and CISOs requiring periodic Third Party Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Save up to 40% on recurring costs for penetration testing and vulnerability assessments while staying compliant with customer and compliance mandates
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Our Technology Partners
See Below Actual Case Studies of B2B Technology Firms that leveraged Siemba’s Provapt testing process to uncover major vulnerabilities as well as stay compliant with relevant frameworks
See Below Actual Case Studies of B2B Technology Firms that leveraged Siemba’s proVAPT testing process to uncover major vulnerabilities as well as stay compliant with relevant frameworks
Case Study #1
How a B2B SAAS Technology Firm successfully completed their Third Party Risk Assessment 
Case Study Marketing.png

Fast Growing SAAS based Marketing Technology Company

  • Marketing           

  • AI

  • Sales

  • CRM


B2B Marketing platform which enables real time prospect engagement

  • Full fledged Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Issues Identified
Outcomes/Risk Averted
  • Unencrypted credentials and messages

  • Improper Input Validation

  • Weak password policy

  • Security Misconfigurations

  • Static keys

  • Man In The Middle Attacks

  • Possible Cross Site Scripting

  • Possible Brute Force

  • Email flooding

  • User enumeration

Case Study #2
How a large FinTech Company obtained their PCI DSS Certification
Case Study Bank.png

Large Card processing and Fintech company owned by a consortium of banks.

  • FinTech           

  • Payment Processing         

  • Banking


Payment Wallet System

  • Recurring –multi year security assessments

  • Identify business risk, meet compliance and regulation standards and ensure continuous improvement of Security Posture.

  • Detailed review of security architecture, backend applications, databases and overall review of compliance from PCI DSS perspective.

  • Recurring Testing to ensure continuous improvement of Security Posture.

  • Client successfully obtained PCI DSS certification

Case Study #3
How a public Healthcare Benefits Tool ensured its data security
Case Study Health.png

Software Development  Team for a public healthcare tool

  • Healthcare

  • Social Services

  • Government


Online tool that gather client information to determine eligibility for benefits as well as providing inputs to develop new programs

  • Web & API Penetration Testing

Issues Identified
Outcomes/Risk Averted
  • Token disclosure, non expiration, modification of tokens, session termination issues

  • User enumeration

  • Security Misconfigurations

  • Lack of input validations

  • Authorization bypass

  • Sensitive Data Disclosure

  • Possible brute force

  • Possible denial of service

  • Possible Cross Site Scripting

Wait a minute, but what is Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)?

Vulnerability Assessment aids in discovering vulnerabilities within the client infrastructure by periodically scanning against an updated database of thousands of potential vulnerabilities.


The scanning is performed by certified Security analysts, who will manually validate each identified vulnerability to remove false positives and ensure that the report provided to the customer contains actual vulnerabilities that require to be fixed.


Vulnerabilities are rated based on business risk to aid the customer to prioritize remediation program. With more than 20 vulnerabilities being discovered per day, it is highly advisable to conduct vulnerability scanning on external IP addresses and web applications every month or at least every quarter. 

Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing

While vulnerability assessments are focused on identifying known vulnerabilities, penetration testing is a predominantly manual exercise that focuses on exploiting weaknesses, known or unknown in an environment.


Security issues like insecure business processes, lax security configurations and other weaknesses that a cyber attacker can exploit can only be identified by a Penetration test.


Unlike Vulnerability assessments, Penetration testing relies on the testers skills to simulate a real. It is recommended to perform a detailed penetration testing on a quarterly basis

So, who needs third party Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing (VAPT)?

  • If you are trying to get in front of enterprise customers or win government contracts and need to meet third party risk mitigation requirements

  • If you currently don't know where your IT landscape stands in terms of cybersecurity and don't know where to get started

  • If you are trying to obtain or maintain SOC2 Type 2, ISO , PCI DSS or any major certification

  • If you are worried about customers discovering security holes in your system before you do

  • If you lost a business deal because your cybersecurity assessment reports were not current

  • If you outsourced or leveraged contractors to develop your solution and think there might be hidden security risks in your technology

"What gets measured gets managed"

Peter Drucker

why our customers love us

"Siemba's security test results documentation is super thorough and probably the best I have seen"

Engagement Director,

Government Contractor With National Presence

" Our team was quite confident about our product's security posture as it was completely cloud based.  The Siemba team though gave us the real picture by showing us how intruders could easily upload malicious files through our APIs"

CTO, Technology Start-up

Techstars Graduate

"The videos POCs and remediation walkthroughs are perfect. A very humble team and great partners to work with"

CEO, Technology Services Firm

Interested in getting similar outcomes?

Measure Your Exposure with 


Next Generation Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessments for your Network, Web and Mobile Applications
What you get
  • One fixed cost.  

  • Regularly scheduled (Quarterly, Bi-Annual, Annual or Custom Frequency) Third Party Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing

  • Video Proof Of Concepts, interim reports, vulnerability, walk throughs and remediation guidance

  • One round of complimentary re-validation for every test we run.

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

  • Predictive Financials. 

  • Reduce the need for multiple knowledgeable and expensive staff that manage various aspects of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

  • Re-claim valuable engineering time. Your resources can focus on their core competencies without worry about Vulnerabilities

  • Vulnerability Management is a shared responsibility and no longer a responsibility of you alone

Say 'Goodbye' to meaningless scan reports

The old way

  • Vendor offers the cheapest deal

  • Vendor runs a scanning engine and calls it an 'automated pentest'

  • Vendor gives you a huge pdf with pages and pages automated scan findings

  • You struggle with your team to prioritize what needs to be remediated

  • Your team spends valuable engineering time searching online for remediation steps

  • You fix some vulnerabilities

  • Other priorities pop-in

  • You 'accept the risk' on some vulnerabilities

  • You prioritize the remaining vulnerabilities for the next quarter

  • You pray that you don't get hacked in between

The proVAPT way

  • We align on your security objectives - whether it is a compliance requirement, your customer's mandate or whether your internal mission for a secure IT landscape

  • Our Certified Ethical Hackers run hundred of manual test cases along with running multiple scanning engines 

  • False positives are eliminated by peer reviews and test re-runs

  • Every vulnerability is risk rated and prioritized using DREAD and CVSS scores

  • Video Proof of Concepts are recorded for all 'Critical' & 'High' vulnerabilities so that the customer sees exactly what we see

  • An interim issue tracker with recommended remediation steps is published

  • One or more joint issue walkthrough calls are organized to help the customer navigate the issues

  • A complimentary round of revalidation (within 60 days) once the customer completes revalidation

Measure What Matters

Rather than report every vulnerability as a finding, proVAPT considers a finding to be a logical grouping of one or more security issues.


In practice, these findings typically exhibit a common cause or a common resolution. When calculating risk scores, proVAPT uses the DREAD threat model.  Using DREAD, a numeric score between 1 and 10 can be calculated by measuring five risk categories.


The DREAD name is an acronym of the five risk categories that include:


  • Damage Potential : The level of damage and exposure that could be caused if a vulnerability were exploited

  • Reproducibility : The level of difficulty in reproducing an attack

  • Exploitability : The ease to which the attack could be launched

  • Affected Users : The volume of users and assets that are affected in a successful attack scenario

  • Discoverability : The level of difficulty involved in enumerating the vulnerability

Risk scores produced using the DREAD model are adaptive in that each finding is rated in the context of the affected environment. For example, a vulnerability that affects a non-critical system located in a heavily protected subnet has a lower risk score than a critical system affected by the same issue.

step 1

You tell us what needs to be tested

This information will vary based on whether you are testing your Network,  Web Application or a Mobile Application.

step 2

We provide a quote within 24 hours

We provide one of the most competitive pricing in the market and will try our very best to beat competitors without compromising on quality.

step 3

Shake hands and kick off the testing

We always target to start our work within 5 to 10 days of signing a contract. But if needed, upon the availability of our resources or your business criticality, we will make every effort to start a project at the earliest

step 4

You get the results

An interim report will be provided within 2-3 business days of concluding the testing and a detailed formal report follows within 10 business days after the completion of testing.

step 5

You make the fixes and we revalidate

All our reports come with actionable counter measures that you can immediately put to use. We will also revalidate them for you

How it works

Have an existing vendor? See if we can beat their price.

What are the different kinds of third party cybersecurity testing Siemba offers?

Web App Isometric.png
  • Web Application Security Assessment

  • Mobile Application Security Assessment

  • Secure Code Review (SAST)

  • Grey Box and Black Box Assessments  

Network isometric.png
  • External and Internal Networks 

  • Servers, Network Devices, DNS, Services, Other devices 

  • IOT & IIOT Security Assessments 

  • ICS/SCADA Security Assessments 

  • Physical and Facility Security Assessments 

SOC Iso.png
  • SOC assessment with content and correlation review 

  • Purple teaming with adversarial simulation 

hacker isometrci.jpg
  • Enterprise OSINT and Dark web enumeration

  • External Red Teaming and Purple Teaming

  • Internal Red Teaming 

Siemba Isometric 12.png
Certified Ethical Hackers

All our expert testers carry industry leading certifications like EC Council CEH or Offensive Security OSCP.

Siemba Isometric 3.png

OSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual), PTES (Penetration testing Execution Standard) Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) 

Siemba Isometric 4.png

Detect OWASP Top 10 risks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF) and unvalidated redirection

What we bring to the table

Siemba Isometric 2.png
Video Proof of Concepts

We record Video Proof of Concepts for all Critical & High rate vulnerabilities.  These will save you considerable time in understanding and remediating the root cause

Siemba Isometric 5.png

Remediation Guidance &

Free Re-validation

All our reports come with actionable counter measures that you can immediately put to use.


We will also provide one complimentary round of revalidation within 60 days.

Siemba Isometric 13.png

Focus on Compliance

Our reports will empower you with deep insight into weaknesses that an attacker can exploit to gain access or exfiltrate confidential data from your network. They can also help meet requirements of PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, SOX and ISO 27001 compliance

Siemba Isometric 6.png

No False Positives

Every vulnerability we report is real and rated based on the risk it exposes your business to. This greatly helps your IT team to prioritize remediation activities by going after the most critical risks

Siemba Isometric 8.png

Flexible Engagement Models

 Whether it's a one time need or a recurring requirement, we got you covered. 

Partner with a Global Top 200 MSSP Honoree


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