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Always be Audit-Ready

For a lot of organizations regulatory compliance often becomes an annual scramble of testing, reporting, and certification all crammed into a hectic few weeks. Once done, security processes gradually become lax until it’s time for the next compliance audit.

Step out of that cycle, and always be audit-ready with the Siemba PTaaS platform.

You can set up the recurring pentests and auto-generate SOC2, PCI DSS, NIST, HIPPA and other compliance reports needed for:

  • One-click reports to share with auditors and customers
  • Signaling third-party validation to bolster customer trust
  • Confident go-to-market with new SaaS products
  • Due diligence during mergers and acquisitions
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Rapidly Scale Your Pentest Programs

We know that orchestrating security operations across different teams and stakeholders can get chaotic. That’s true for small to mid-size businesses, and it gets even more challenging for enterprises at scale.

Siemba’s PTaaS platform allows you to scale your security program to keep pace with your business growth, as you can:

  • Setup and schedule recurring pentests
  • Maintain enterprise level visibility into your PenTesting program
  • Seamlessly generate custom reports for different stakeholders
  • Have a dedicated Siemba team to keep up with your pentesting
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Accelerate Risk Remediation

Traditional pentesting has a stretched timeline between vulnerability assessment and actual risk remediation. Collaboration challenges between a third-party testing team and your development team is usually a key cause for this delay.

You can change that once you are on board the Siemba PTaaS platform:

  • Get your teams a near real-time visibility into the progress of all pentests
  • Give them access to detailed steps to reproduce vulnerabilities and video proof of concepts
  • Integrate with in-house workflows to accelerate remediation

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