Enterprise-Grade PTaaS, Not Just for Enterprises

Build a scalable, compliant, resilient security program with pentesting as a service

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Supercharge Your Security Pen Testing Compliance

Ad-hoc, one-time pentests don’t cut it anymore. You need continuous pentesting for proactive security and compliance. And you cannot allow cost or resources to become roadblocks to building a strong cybersecurity framework.

With Siemba’s PTaaS platform, and its range of powerful features, you don’t have to.

pentesting as a service - set up and schedule pen tests
Repeatable & Scalable

Constantly challenge your security posture

Test and secure your business-critical assets at scale with pentests that you set up once and repeat automatically at desired frequencies.

pen testing as a service - rich reports and dashboards
Reports & Dashboards

Say good-bye to multiple emails, PPTs and reports

Everybody knows where everything is, at all times. Keep your stakeholders in the loop and showcase compliance with custom dashboards and up-to-date reports.

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Responsive Teams

Work with a testing team that doesn’t ghost you

Communicate with the testing team, ask queries and get detailed answers quickly; with the in-built chat module.

Pentesting Made Painless

We understand that pentesting is a key aspect of your cybersecurity. But just because it’s business-critical doesn’t mean it should be difficult. It’s time to transform your pentesting process.

From Chaotic

  • 15 - 20 Days to start a Pentest
  • 90 Days before you see the result
  • 100+ Calls, meetings and emails to understand your test results

To Compliant

  • 60 Mins to set up a pentest
  • Start seeing test results in near real time
  • In-depth, issue-level visibility to start remediation

From Reactive

  • Piece-meal, point-in-time pentesting
  • No insights into risk landscape
  • Reactive remediation measures

To Resilient

  • Scheduled recurring pentests for all assets
  • Enterprise-level visibility of risk landscape
  • Proactively improve security posture

We are with you at every step

Our team of experts is here to take you through a detailed demo of the Siemba PTaaS platform, and showcase exactly how it can transform your security posture.

Pentesting Made Powerful

Cybersecurity threats don’t discriminate. Slow and cumbersome point-in-time assessments are just not enough. If you are a start-up or mid-size, your pentesting needs scale. If you're an enterprise, your pentesting program needs repeatable processes, scale, and visibility.

And all of that is possible with Siemba’s enterprise-grade PTaaS platform.

PenTesting as a Service - Engineered for scale

Engineered for Scale

Whether you have 2 apps, 200, or even 2000 apps to test, Siemba’s PTaaS platform is built to handle rigorous pentesting at scale.

PenTesting as a Service - Designed for compliance

Designed for Compliance

Demonstrate continuous compliance to your clients and investors with always up-to-date pentest results. 

PenTesting as a Service - Built for Visibility

Built for Visibility

Enable seamless visibility into your real-time risk and remediation pipeline; for the CISO, for your developers, and everyone in between

Clients Who Believe in Us

“We are a B2B Conversational Marketing Platform. We engaged Siemba to build our cybersecurity road-map and they continue to support its implementation through their suite of services. The team has real in-depth, hands-on experience in different aspects of cybersecurity. I love having them responding in lightning pace for my queries”
Arjun Pillai Founder & CEO, insent.ai

“As a Lead and Demand Generation platform, Leadlytics Labs processes several hundred thousands of confidential data points on behalf of our customers every month. Siemba helps us keep our data and business secure with their 24*7 Siemba Ops Program. The team at Siemba has been an absolute pleasure to work and continuously strives to add value.”

Sam Ommen CEO, Leadlyics Labs

Tested by the Best

No crowd sourcing, no outsourcing. Only certified, experienced pentesters on the Siemba team to work on your business-critical applications.



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Get a low-down on pentesting as a service, and how Siemba platform can deliver enterprise-grade PTaaS for your business.