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2 min Read

PTaaS: What Is It?

Pen testing as a service (PTaaS) is a cloud base service that provides point-in-time and continuous application and infrastructure pen testing services, which used to rely on human pen-testers using commercial.....

Gabriela Marcos

19 Sep 2022
5 min Read

Why it’s important to be ‘Cyber Aware’

The term “security awareness” involves making people aware enough to act, it demands, not only a set of rules.....

Gabriela Marcos

12 Jul 2022
1 min Read

4 ways to prove your application's security in sales conversations

"How will your ensure that our data is protected?" This is now a sure shot question in any sales conversation.....

Kannan Udayarajan

25 Jun 2022


1 min

Build a Security First culture in your team through offensive security

How often do engineering teams end up prioritizing development velocity over quality and security? Sadly this.....

Kannan Udayarajan

10 May 2022
1 min

3 reasons why you should consider third party penetration testing.

Many organizations maintain a staff of offensive security experts to get through their PenTests and Vulnerabi.....

Kannan Udayarajan

10 May 2022
2 min

Wondering if you are still vulnerable to Log4j?

According to the experts, around 3 billion applications, consumer and enterprise services and websites got af.....

Kannan Udayarajan

24 Jan 2022

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