3 reasons why you should consider third party penetration testing.

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Many organizations maintain a staff of offensive security experts to get through their PenTests and Vulnerability Assessments. Others depend on third-party services. Whichever approach you follow, it is always recommended to get third-party testing at least once a year.

  • Why you should consider third-party penetration testing?

    Penetration Testing (or PenTesting as it is more popularly called) is one of the 'must do's for any organization to get a realistic picture of how vulnerable their information landscape is, whether it is their applications or the network in which these applications reside. Insights provided by your PenTest will help you fine-tune your defense layers and remediate any vulnerabilities before attackers get a chance to exploit them.
    Here are some reasons why we think a third-party Penetration Test would be beneficial to you -
    #1 You currently don't do any PenTesting and don't know where to get started
  • Many organizations are just waking up to the fact that proactively assessing and remediating vulnerabilities in their environment is no longer a choice. There are various compliance requirements which push for the same. Even customers are making periodic Vulnerability Assessments and PenTesting a mandatory requirement for vendors they engage in business with. You need to be ahead of the curve here. Siemba's PTaaS platform or any good third-party PenTest provider can get you started with this.
    #2 You currently do your own PenTesting, but still need an outside perspective
    Many organizations do maintain a staff of PenTesters and other offensive security experts. Third-party PenTesters will complement this by bringing in new perspectives of your defense posture enriched by their experience testing other applications. PenTesting is both a science and an art, one that literally pushes the limits of creativity in ethical hacking.
    #3 You want to do PenTesting, but lack the budget and resources
  • A lot of organizations already have PenTesting on their IT Security checklists, but often have to deprioritize offensive security based on their budgetary and resource constraints. Qualified PenTesters are not easily available in the market and choosing the right testing tools, framework and approach for your landscape is time-consuming. This is where an experienced partner like Siemba can add value. Often times we are able to design your test strategy and conduct end-to-end vulnerability assessments and PenTesting for the whole year for less than a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full-time resource.

Kannan Udayarajan

Founder & CEO, Siemba

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