4 ways to prove your application's security in sales conversations

"How will your ensure that our data is protected?"

This is now a sure shot question in any sales conversations for technology product and service vendors. Customers have become more demanding not just due to regulatory requirements, but also from a reputational and litigational perspective.

Here are some ways to build buyer confidence on your product's cybersecurity during your sales pitch (and beyond) -

#1 Proactively talk about your security posture

Talking about your product or service's cybersecurity posture and defense layers before the customer brings it up shows that you are on top of it. This should be part of all your sales scripts and decks, especially if you handle sensitive or confidential data.

#2 Tell them how frequently you conduct third party security assessments and penetration testing.

This shows that you stay up to date on your cybersecurity posture and not taking anything for granted. Having a third party poke holes in your infrastructure shows that you have a cybersecurity roadmap which is constantly being validated and adapted to the changing environments.

#3 Provide evidence

Providing evidence, in the form of third party assessment reports and testing certifications helps build customer confidence. These reports should also be accompanied with third party attestations certifying the remediation of any previously identified issues

#4 Share third party assessment results and certifications on an ongoing basis with your customers

Based on your customer's requirements, it may become necessary to share your third party assessment reports and testing certifications on an ongoing basis. This is especially important now that most products have shorter release cycles, along with rapid changes in underlying technologies and protocols.

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