Build a "Security First" culture in your team through offensive security

How often do engineering teams end up prioritizing development velocity over quality and security? Sadly this is more prevalent than we think.

The "fail fast, fail forward" culture has put more pressure than ever before on product development teams in getting code to production and features to market through shorter release cycles. While functional quality can be ensured through good product management practices and user experience research, product security often gets overlooked.

The "Security First" mindset - Grounding your organization on reality

Creating a "Security First" culture necessarily involves bringing together all your team members to align on a common vision, a shared perspective on securing the data and business right from when the first line of code is written.


A good PenTest can help provide that perspective - it will tell you exactly how vulnerable you are right now to an attack, about gaps in your security processes and defense layers. It will ground the organization in reality and push you to answer the below questions -

  1. When was the last time you updated or tested your security polices? How frequently should you do it?

  2. Can you confidently demonstrate compliance right now?

  3. How realistic is your plan to address the security gaps that you have today?

  4. Do you have an established Incident Response process to address a security breach if it were to occur today?

Getting the right partner

It is very important that your Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests are done as objectively as possible. This is where a an experienced third party partner can help you.

A partner like Siemba can get you started in no-time if you don’t know where to start. We will walk you through the end to end testing process and provide you with proof of concepts on how your IT landscape could be exploited. These Proof Of Concepts can be shared with your engineering teams to build "security awareness", something very key in building a "Security First" culture. We will also assist you in revalidating the fixes that you put in after your initial assessment. This can be followed by periodic assessments to ensure that your security posture is up to date.

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